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Riverland Invasives: Learning by Doing

Canterbury, NH – Over the years, Riverland has become overrun by invasive species. The crew at Riverland on the Merrimack made a start this summer to cut them back, mow them down, and otherwise begin a program of remediation and control. We are learning… Continue Reading “Riverland Invasives: Learning by Doing”

4H Birding School Convenes at Riverland

Canterbury, NH/July 18. 2017 – The Canterbury Rascals and Cloverbuds 4H club visited Riverlands today to learn more about the birds that live here, the habitat, and the activity of birding itself. Steve Hale, of Open World Explorers, began at the beginning, showing us… Continue Reading “4H Birding School Convenes at Riverland”

Officials deploy yellow cards in Wasp v. Beetle match at Riverland

Canterbury, NH (June 22, 2017) — The Feds showed up at Riverland today, hard on the heels of a small, green bug that is killing the ash trees in the wetland at the foot of our sandy bank, along the path to the beach.… Continue Reading “Officials deploy yellow cards in Wasp v. Beetle match at Riverland”