Whole-House Rentals

Riverland can host all kinds of small gatherings.  Our common room, with its fireplace and open kitchen and dining area, is perfect for getting people together, knitting in front of the fire, and just plain hanging out with family and friends.  How about rocking on the porch listening to the peepers on a warm spring evening?

ASG April 2017 Lunch break conversation - Copy

Relax.  Wander about in your slippers.  Go out.  Don’t go out.  You can do your own thing, without that feeling of being in public.  Since Lucy lives on the premises, you can expect her to be discretely about, probably in the office chipping away at the paperwork.  But other than that, it’s all yours.

You are welcome to prepare your own food in our well-equipped kitchen or order-in from several local restaurants.  You will be expected to do your own clean-up.

For the 2019 season, a group of 10 related people can rent the whole house for a minimum stay of two nights. Four people will share the Garden Room and two, Cove, and four in Nest, our newest room.  We take an expansive view of “relations.”  For example, we consider your friends in the quilt guild to be “related.”

Rates vary by season and day of the week and whether use of the kitchen is included in the facility fee.  Call (603) 562-6059, to inquire.  A deposit may be required.


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