Renting the Craft Studio

Somehow we just seem to get more done when we get away from home and create with friends who share our passion.  That quiet productive hum carries the group along and the conversation ebbs and flows through a perfect sewing get-away.

Our well-lit craft studio awaits you and your sewing friends. And you can travel light. Bring your machine and your favorite cutting tool and the rest of the sewing gear will be here waiting for you.  We sew, knit, embroider, and hook ourselves, and so we have the needed gear.

“All you should have to do is to plug in….”


sowing machine cliparrt

Our studio is a large room on the second floor with a view of the wetlands and good natural light.  We have furnished it with eight, L-shaped work stations, which create 16-square-feet of working space per person. We have two more work tables measuring two feet by eight feet. Each workstation is paired with a task chair chosen to support the back.

For Sewing Tools:

ASG April 2017 Beth micro-sewing 2

  • A 30” x 60” cutting table
  • Assorted cutting rulers, including scallops and circle
  • Ironing Board
  • A Rowenta Steam Station Pro Iron
  • Best Press Odorless Starch
  • Pressing tools
  • A Miele Rotary Iron
  • A three-sided mirror for fittings
  • Flannel-covered design board
  • Too-many other tools to mention, please ask.

For Inspiration:

  • We offer for your browsing pleasure and as an aid to inspiration a collection of books and magazines on quilting, sewing, embroidery, heirloom techniques, knitting, needlepoint, dying and design.
  • We have small quantities of heirloom sewing supplies for sale in our Heirloom Closet: Batiste, Linens, quality flannel, French cotton lace, insertions, entredeux, edgings, double-face ribbon fine cotton thread, and wing and double needles.
  • We have placed quilt hangers around the room where you can display recently completed projects, works-in-progress to share with friends, and bits and pieces that are fueling a creative idea on the way
  • We are surrounded by beautiful natural settings that may inspire future projects.


  • Coffee and tea available in the studio.

Studio Rental Fee:

  • The facilities fee for renting the sewing/craft studio on its own is $25 per day per person (plus tax) for a minimum of four people ($100/day) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., if it is available. A $100 deposit may also apply.
  • The studio can also be rented as part of a B&B or Whole-House package. Please call for rates.
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