The Beach at Riverland Conservation Area

Riverland Conservation Area lies at the foot of the bank we see from the porch;  it surrounds our farm.  The Town of Canterbury manages this conservation area and makes it available to the public from May 30 through October 15th from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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During the warmer months, we enjoy a sandy beach on the Merrimack River.  It is a sandbar of sorts, emerging reliably as the level of the river falls (and the water warms up.)  The quarter-mile path to the river runs at the foot of the bank.

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The area is a prime viewing spot for many species of birds.

Path to beach

It also offers a launching spot for small boats into Oxbow Pond, continuing to the river.

A gravel parking lot accommodates 50 cars; it can fill on warm weekend days in the summer.  The town tows cars after 8 p.m.

Riverland new sign regulations light

The Town of Canterbury also advises that the beach is “Swim at Your Own Risk.”  The river is ever changing.  It is safe to swim in the river at this spot when the river is slow, at a low-level and the sand bar stretches well into the main channel.  On the far side of the river, a fast current runs in a deep channel.  It’s best to avoid this fast channel in all seasons.

Dogs are welcome on the beach.  Kayaks can be launched from the beach, but must be carried over the quarter-mile path.

Enjoy the beach!! Use common sense.  Keep an eye on the little ones.

Riverland Respect this land

The Riverland Conservation Area was formed in 1989 with contributions from Don and Lois Booth of Canterbury, the Town of Canterbury, the State of New Hampshire, and the Trust for NH Land.







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