The family that welcomes you to Riverland comprises Lucy Nichols, James Farquhar and Ben Nichols-Farquhar, pictured here on the south porch.

Lucy loves meeting new people, sharing good home-cooking, and assisting people to find their best-for-them special events and places. Raised in New Hampshire, Lucy is a bit of an ambassador for New England culture(s) and can at least begin a conversation about local history and habitats.

In her youth, Lucy studied and travelled extensively in Europe and developing countries. With Ben’s arrival, she shifted gears, creating a sheep farm in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire with James and homeschooling Ben through grade school. Lucy speaks Spanish, if you can overlook myriad grammatical mistakes.  She loves traditional New England forms of handwork, mostly to do with wool – knitting, needlepoint, rug-hooking. She sews also, with a particular interest in heirloom sewing – those lovely lacey dresses from the early 1900s. We included a craft studio in the B&B so we can see what you are working on…

James begins and ends his day with chores, as the oldtimers used to say, moving our small flock of Ramboulliet sheep to new pastures and then back to the barn at night. In between, he writes public safety software. Raised in Maryland, he shares many geek enthusiasms – Star Wars, robotics, electric cars. He is a mentor for Team Phoenix, a First Robotics Team centered at the Academy of Science and Design in Nashua.

James heads up security at Riverland, mowing, and odd jobs. You need a ramp, James is your man. Cut down a few trees? Sure. How come the fire alarms are sounding? Where’s the drill?

Benjamin studies computer engineering and mathematics at Syracuse University during the school year and works for Pega Systems in Cambridge during the summer. He graduated from the Academy for Science and Design, a charter school in Nashua, in 2017 where he studied math, and more math, computer programming, physics, and as little English as possible. His interests included robotics, student council, theater and hanging out and around a great crew of friends.

Ben is our web-master. He built and maintains this website. Thank you, Ben. He also does the hard chores you want an strong back to do  – sand the porch roof, cut and haul trees, move heavy furniture.

We also could not do without handymen Kevin Bragg, who remodeled our bathrooms and handles the more difficult home renovations, and Jon Hall, who can fix anything, especially our old tractor. Read more here.

So you see, Riverland is a family affair. We, as a family, welcome you and your family … or your quilting family… or your birdwatching family… or your extended family… We look forward to meeting you.

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