Muchyedo Banks


Muchyedo Banks Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is beautiful, as this photo taken from the top of its 60-80 foot sandbanks attests. Conserved in 2010, the WMA protects two miles or river shoreline and 294 acres.

According to its sign board, Muchyedo Banks “is prized for its scenic forested shoreline, floodplain forest, unusual sand plains and dramatic river bluffs – as well as globally rare ‘riverwash’ plains and dunes that are found in only two sites in New Hampshire and one in Maine…“The shoreline, forests, and wetlands…supply the right mix of habitats for waterfowl, migrating songbirds, turtles, amphibians, and the occasional bald eagle and osprey, among other wildlife. Several rare or uncommon species of plants and animals – including bank swallows –“ live here.

The entrance to Muchyedo Banks WMA is just down the street from Riverland and is open to the public. Parking is allowed at the trailhead.
Muchyedo Banks sign

The story of the creatures that live at Muchyedo Banks and how it was conserved can be found here.

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