Merrimack River Level and Quality

River at sunsetMerrimack River Water Level:
The level of the river is not measured at Riverland, but you can do what the locals do and drive over the Hannah Dustin Bridge (Route 4) and look north to see how much of the beach is showing above the water line. When that won’t work, we tend to check in periodically with the water-level gauge at the Franklin Dam found here. At a water level (stage) of about 6 feet and flow rate at about 2.5, the beach is just beginning to emerge from under the water.

Merrimack River Water Quality:
According to the Merrimack River Watershed Council, the upper portion of the river that flows by Riverland “courses through heavily forested, rural areas. The forested lands help clean the river water by absorbing nutrient and sediment runoff before it can reach the river. The runoff also infiltrates the forest soil, cooling the water before it reaches the river… The forests provide a critical ecosystem service in improving the water quality, keeping the water clean, and providing a habitat for threatened freshwater/terrestrial species, including brook trout.”

Beach 2016
The water here is Class B, rated healthy for fishing, swimming and boating.
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