Riverland awarded Gold Status

Canterbury/April 2019 – “Going Green Brings in the Gold,” tweeted Kathy Black a Department of Environmental Services Pollution Prevention Specialist, raising Riverland from silver to gold level member of the New Hampshire Green Hospitality NH green hospitality flyer-1-1Program.Kathy and the NHGHP team recognized Riverland for energy-saving weatherization projects which have saved the growing three-room bed and breakfast 12 percent on its annual fuel bill over the past three winters. The projects included installing an efficient wood-burning fireplace insert and lining the chimney, creating an “airlock” by installing a second door which dramatically decreased drafts, and replacing a leaky, glass porch door with a well-insulated door and storm door. The team also made a short video about Riverland’s weatherization program….

“We invested about $4,500 in all, “said Lucy Nichols, owner of Riverland on the Merrimack, “which will pay for itself in a few years, especially if oil prices keep rising. But the main thing is we are much warmer in deep winter and our guests are comfortable. I think a wood-burning fire is an essential ingredient to NH hospitality. A whiff of wood-smoke on a cold day always feels welcoming.”  Since Riverland joined the program in May 2017, we have also installed a storm-water management system to move water safely out of the driveway and to reduce ice buildup. Riverland initiated a host of green practices when we joined the program including using green cleaning products, practicing water conservation and landscaping with native species, instituting extensive recycling, and installing LED lighting and energy star appliances. The NHGHP recognizes about 16 hotels and restaurants, which are listed on a map at the Department of Environmental Services website under the pollution prevention program.

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