Sanborn Meadow Eggs

   Our farmer, Kathy Doherty, explains below, the care that goes in to each egg.


We believe that how our food is raised has an impact on our health and our environment. So,we rotationally pasture our laying hens out in the sunshine, where they can eat bugs and plants, run around flapping their wings, digging holes to dust bathe and generally be chickens.

To quote Joel Salatin, the guru of raising animals on pasture, we are allowing them to express “the chickeness of the chicken”. 

By rotating our chickens on fresh, open pasture, we cut down on the potential pathogens that can build up when animals are kept in their own waste, eliminating the need for antibiotics and fertilizing the pastures.

We also feed the hens organic, soy-free feed from Green Mountain Feeds. Unfermented soy is too prevalent in the American diet and soybean oil is also high in omega-6’s.  By reducing the level of omega 6 in their feed and allowing them to forage for plants in the pasture, the relative level of omega-3’s becomes higher.  Although we are not USDA- certified organic, we believe our practices and the quality of our eggs exceed those of factory-type “organic” egg farms.

You can see and taste the difference.

Unless specifically requested, we do not wash our eggs.  Eggs are laid with a natural coating that prevents bacteria from getting inside the egg.  Washing removes that coating and increases the likelihood that bacteria can get through the shell.

We do routinely clean the nest boxes and refresh the bedding and we inspect every single egg to make sure it is clean and unbroken.  Any dirt or feces is gently wiped off before the eggs are refrigerated.

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